We have a visiting season from the Easter holidays (April) until after the autumn holidays (mid-November) and are happy to receive enquiries! If you are interested in coming to Marmoreo during the winter break, this is also possible in some cases by individual arrangement, but not for medium-sized and larger groups.

Here you can get a detailed overview of when Casa Ghiglione is fully or partially free and when Open House times are.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

The house is full and your preferred travel time is no longer available?

Travellers travelling alone, as a couple or in small groups of up to 7 people can also stay in our neighbour's rustic flat, ideal for anyone who wants to go hiking, climbing or on excursions to the coast. The (very favourable) prices and time capacities are available on request.

Free periods 2024

Open House

14 - 25 April

05 - 15 Mai

27 August - 04 September

01 - 11 October

19 October - 17 November

Little House

14 - 25 April

01 - 11 October

19 - 26 October (no heating possibility)

Casa Ghiglione in complete

19 October - 03 November


19 October - 03 November